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Monday, May 4, 2020

Not Laid Off?

Time to change gears before you are asked by someone else

Get out of neutral

Feel the panic of  being unemployed

Use fear to motivate you into action

If you have had the same job for even one year...it is time to move on.

Your competition is!

What three firms do you dream working for?  Get names. Engage them around their challenges.

This is not about you...always about them.

Use the biggest and free database: LinkedIn.  Add 5 new people a day. How?

Around challenges.

"Bob, I noticed your name in the WSJ where you commented on the challenge of working at home. Having made that transition five times in my career I think sharing experiences might help both of us. Willing to connect?"

Let's you and I talk.  AlanBoothCoach is helping executives meet their next boss.  I have done that for 26 years.

Alan Booth | Executive Coach
Facilitating Transitions
Instructor, NYU School of Leadership

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