Leadership through Eyes of a Coach...Alan Booth

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Does this make you feel angry that I would be so aggressive?

When coaching CEO Dave, it became clear he was dissatisfied with one of his staff who was in the field.  "Dave, please share what your last conversation sounded like."

"No problem, Alan", as he prints out all of the emails from the past two weeks." [8 pages]

WHAT?  Email?

So I read the first sentence of the last message: "John, I am very disappointed with the proposal you gave XYZ Distributors..."

My response to CEO Dave: "How do you think John reacted?"

Dave: "Not very well"

 Me: "So do you want to terminate him, have him resign or motivate him to meet your expectations?"

 Needless to say there was much more work needed when one attempts to manage, motivate or influence someone exclusively by email.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Have you had that feeling from your manager, board, customers, clients?

"Not enough time" has become a frequent [and passive] way to say: "I don't value your idea" or "What I am working on is more important."

Client Jon Betz, a senior operating executive is seen as exceptionally busy, resulting in his team not genuinely trusting him.  When he speaks or emails, his direct reports need to read between the lines.

Without that trust and collaboration, his team holds back on bringing up new ideas to grow his company. They simply feel disrespected.

They wonder, "am I the problem" or "is it Jon?"  Business paranoia!

Being a mirror for him, I ask how he gets the best from his team, followed by a summary of what his team has told me.  Big gap!

Having the respect of his team is #10 on his priority list.  So much so we convened a "New Leader Re-calibration" to enhance feedback in both directions on what is most important to them both.  This causes a new beginning of engaging Jon and how Jon can build the respect he wants and needs.

Like Jon's people, do you feel you have the ear of your boss and that person respects your ideas...and acts on them?