Leadership through Eyes of a Coach...Alan Booth

Friday, September 18, 2015


Filters, a communication typically based on opinion, not fact.  I see these in [1] vertical hierarchy...how many layers from top to bottom, [2] personal opinions not based on fact, [3] parent/child relations.

Take the case of my client Xenox Enterprises.  The CEO [68] has hired mostly relatives for managerial roles because, she says, in the beginning [40 years ago], it was believed that relatives are more trusted.  Ha!

Today the CEO is totally stuck with less than competent relatives in management positions.  He will not terminate them [of course not family] nor coach them to reach expectations [does not know how].

The CEO has stated that one alternative is to sell the business; however he has never sought people who could at least determine Fair Market Value and has discounted the fact that no one would want to inherit a dysfunctional management team.


We are making headway by getting agreement from the CEO to form a management team where he will not have any direct influence, but will be kept him informed. This eliminates the clash with the next generation in the business as well as the aunts, cousins and "close relatives", incent them to reach specific company goals and be more strategic to grow from a successful regional producer to at least develop customers east of the Mississippi.

You might consider this a "work around" but the CEO is finally hearing the news that without him in the business, it will fail.  It will succeed by empowering his younger team.

"The buck does not stop at the top!"