Leadership through Eyes of a Coach...Alan Booth

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Tom Lynch had just been turned down by a prospect after he had proposed a solution to what he assumed was her problem. So he called me.

He learned that he needed to stop selling and first engage her so that she feels he genuinely understands her...her issues, the importance of them, etc.

He needs to turn off the "expert" discussions, totally. Create dialogue that helps the prospect reveal issues they are struggling with.

PATIENCE!!  Stop talking

Ask informed questions:

"How does family dynamics impact the success of your business?" Use silence to encourage the other person to talk. Reflect on what they have said..."so what I am hearing you say is..."

This causes one to feel understood! This builds trust!

Want help in breaking the habit of being the expert? Feel free to call me [pro bono].



Friday, January 23, 2015


Carl, President of a mid-market service business asked me to deal with his new Managing Director of business development, Frank.

The Facts

ü  Carl:  "Frank is going to cost me big bucks in the future.  He lets deadlines drive his work priorities...and one day he will miss one."

ü  Frank arrives 20 minutes late to our initial meeting

ü  No interaction between Carl and Frank as to why he is late

ü  I ask Frank "What is going on?"  Frank: "I was out supervising our staff in the field"

ü  Meeting with Carl: "Does not sound like you have Frank in his business development roll. What is up?

ü  "I hired him because he owned a business like mine that had subsequently failed".

Carl's real issues

¨  He is gambling that Frank has the ability to develop new clients

¨  Frank does not really like business development

¨  Carl fears being too direct with Frank who is an old friend

After three meetings Frank more clearly saw this was not the place to be...and resigned!