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Tuesday, November 23, 2021



I am literally chained in to a box.

That is a box of distractions.

Increasing number of messages from social media. I could exit those ... and subsequently feel I am missing something important.

The worse it seems is Facebook. My contacts either directly or surreptitiously are promoting their services.  "Look at me and how good I am!"

What would I miss without Facebook?

What are you doing to stay focused on what is most important? 



Thursday, November 4, 2021

 I am suffering from impulsivity!

Might look like black and white thinking.

I would benefit from being down in the gray "maybe" zone

Advice to self: "practice patience"

Or as Ben Franklin preached, "the best things in life are worth waiting for"

Ironically, as a coach I am able to counsel people to take action without an over amount of deliberation

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Finding Calm During Anxiety

I get the sense that many of my friends are experiencing anxiety as they evaluate their career and even their choice of profession.

Isolation compounds this.

How can we reclaim the value of sitting across the table in a diner where the "whole person" is present?

It has been my experience that having a mentor helps.

A mentor skillful in listening to the point the other person knows he/she has their best interests at heart.

I sometimes struggle with that as I attempt to quiet my mind...to be fully present.

What has helped is starting the day meditating. Finding a higher being to talk with.

That is what I have been doing the moment I am awake and before I lift my head off the pillow.

My clients are learning to do the same.

Before turning on their phone.

Before turning on their computer.

This frames the entire day in front of us.

It causes one to find the energy to do what is most important...without distraction and disruptive emotions.

How do you find calm?

 Failed Again by Distractions

First is getting my daughter's house painted as her homeowners insurance company put her on notice for risk of rotting bare shingles.

When will parenting end?

Yes, I know: NEVER

But really, I am proud to be a supportive parent.

After all, when I get old and decrepit, it is my daughters who will look after us.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Famous 8 Routine

Stop letting distractions into your work and life.

Re-order your routine

1. 5 PM write down the most important first task for tomorrow

2. Leave that on your desk

3. Upon waking go to your desk

4. Leave phone in an another room

5. Do not answer the phone

6. Do not turn on your computer

7. Do the task [DANGER: Kill Distractions]

8. Relish the satisfaction of a task well done

Monday, January 25, 2021

My Bank Is Taking Over


Brian Moynihan, CEO Bank of America was honored last week [January 21, 2021] as one of the the most effective CEO's in America.

But there is mud down in the grass roots at the bank.

Nearly needing a magnifying glass, I read the fine red print at the bottom of my home equity loan statement:

The next scheduled payment will be deducted from the account designated.

Three phone transfers and 23 minutes later, I discovered someone at this behemoth institution changed my account with no authorization from me or my wife.

The penalty: I could be doubling my monthly payments if I kept to my normal transactions on their Bill-Pay platform.

Gee, Brian!  Are you aware of the deterioration of what used to be a most competent work force?

With my impending change in housing, I would normally use BOA for a mortgage.

Now I have to give a vote of no confidence.

I just hope you are listening

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Who Do You Know?


Email today, "who do you know at Goodwin College?"

No context.

I remain flabbergasted how people network.


Mark Scheinberg, Founder and current president of Goodwin College

Tell him, "You must be so proud on the development of this educational institution"

Ask him, "What is your strategy for developing a successor to preserve what you have built?"


Do not talk about what you do. 

Discover their challenges

That will infer your competency to be the solution


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